Cabling and Infrastructure

Your cabling and infrastructure networks are the lifeblood of your business

What would you do if your firewall or phone networks went down for the day? Are you willing to put your business’s security or communication systems at risk? At Crabtree Computer, we know that a stable infrastructure and cabling system are the lifeblood of any business. While it’s easy to take them for granted, these two essential pillars allow your day to day operations to run smoothly and create a solid foundation for your company to boost profits and productivity, and realize its highest potential.

Crabtree Computer offer a wide range of expert cabling and infrastructure services, including:

  • Cabling – fiber optic, cat 5/6E, coax, analog, etc. – underground or overhead - any type of cable, anywhere!
  • Racks, enclosures, UPS’s and power management solutions
  • Switch, router, firewall and appliance installation and testing
  • Circuits – data and analog PRI’s/T-1’s, POTS, ISDN, fiber, DS3’s, on site customer WAN engineers and vendor project management
  • PA systems – amplified PA’s with ceiling & hall speakers, outdoor horns sales and service, internet classroom desktop PA speaker solutions
  • Telephone systems – new and used/recertified phone systems – VoIP or PBX. We service most all older telephone systems, for installation, maintenance and upgrades across the board
  • Security camera solutions – video over IP server based security solutions and low cost DVR security camera solutions – surveillance software, on site surveys, installation and configuration
  • 802.11x wireless meshed networks – free site surveys, installation and configuration
  • Category 5e/6 cabling installation and design
  • Multi office LAN design & cabling (wifi, VoIP, CCTV)
  • Rack and enclosure sales and installation
  • U.P.S. and power management
  • Local area network circuit extensions (T-1, DSL, Frame Relay, MPLS)
  • Fiber-optic cabling installation and design
  • Design of data, voice, video and paging for new construction
  • Wireless solution

Crabtree has provided our campus fiber runs under 4 parking lots, 2 building to building runs, and multiple telephone poles. They just did an excellent job on a building renovation with 300 plus drops. They have provided audio and video installations as well. They are professional and provided certified and tested results. I highly recommend Crabtree.

Jim Mankowich,
I.T. Systems Manager, LSCC

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